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SANGFOR's AD Entered China Telecom's Centralized Purchasing Project For 3 Consecutive Years


During China Telecom's centralized purchasing tests in 2014, SANGFOR's 40Gbps product has demonstrated outstanding performance, especially when it can ensure stable operation under extreme conditions for a long time. Zhang Kaiyi, vice president of SANGFOR, said "This test deeply reflects that SANGFOR's 40Gbps AD product can meet the high performance requirements of all customers, including China Telecom." 

SANGFOR's AD products adopt the software and hardware architecture design based on the original 64-bit system. They ensure both high performance processing capability and carrier-grade reliability, with stand-alone performance reaching a maximum of 60Gbps. To meet market development requirements, SANGFOR's AD products introduce the virtualized partition function, which enables multiple separated virtualized AD (vAD) to be configured on a single device. These vAD are assigned for various lessees (administrators) according to their needs. That is, when management separation and network data separation can be achieved, all lessees can share and utilize computing resources on the AD device. In addition, SANGFOR's AD can work with VMware server to support virtualized intelligent loading and management.

To meet the trends of virtualization and cloud computing, China Telecom has raised new technical requirements in 2014 centralized purchasing tests. It requires that the card processing performance needs to be improved to 40Gbps, and moreover, virtualized load balancing should be the standard configuration.From the centralized purchasing tests, it can be seen that SANGFOR's AD products can fully meet China Telecom's performance requirements, and high-end 40Gbps or later versions have strong performance.

Since its launch in 2009, SANGFOR's AD, with high quality and stable performance, has been widely applied to governments, financial institutions, energy companies, and carriers, etc., earning the trust of various high-end customers, including State Administration of Taxation, China Construction Bank, and State Grid Corporation of China, etc.According to Frost & Sullivan's market analysis report in 2013, SANGFOR has taken up 14.1% market share in China, surpassing Radware to be NO.2 and shortening the distance from F5. It remains to be the leading domestic brand in the AD industry. 

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