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Diskominfo Kota Makassar

Customer Background
Dinas Komunikasi dan informatika Kota Makassar (Diskominfo Kota Makassar) is one of the government institutions that manage all the things related to IT for all the government affairs under City of Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Diskominfo Kota Makassar have the commitment to fulfill all the needs of government affairs regarding the IT Field on facing digital transformation.

In order to improve the public services for the local citizens, City government of Makassar will deliver various services to local citizens including digital applications and many other services to public, so Diskominfo Kota Makassar will take main responsiblility to prepare the infrastructure to support the applications and services based on IT for local government. 

Diskominfo Kota Makassar requires an infrastructure that can support application/software within government city of Makassar to improve their services and to improve government civils' job performance. Their IT team also requires the platform to be able to support Big Data for their coverages.

Sangfor Solution
Sangfor proposed in total 6 Nodes of HCI and Next Generation Applications Firewalls (NGAF-M5500) as a bundle solution to Diskominfo Kota Makassar. Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution is delivered to Diskominfo Kota Makassar as a platform for their new applications, meanwhile features including High Availability, Easy Management, Snapshots and Backups are also provided to significantly increase the Performance and Availability to their applications. 

Sangfor also proposed Next Generation Applications Firewalls to protect their applications from public access. Sangfor NGAF provides Real-Time Assessment that is able to do up-to-date assessment on their application, Sangfor NGAF uses Engine Zero to protect all the applications from malware, including their web applications that are accessed by the public, fully protected by Sangfor Integrated WAF as one whole solution with Easy Management and Simplified Reporting. 

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