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Coco Convenience Stores

Executive Summary
- Coco Convenience Stores
- Industry: Retail
- Location: Myanmar

Customer Background
The Coco Convenience Store chain started its business in the Mandalay region of Myanmar and quickly became the largest Convenience Store Chain in the Mandalay region, with 100+ stores, serving the daily wants and needs of the Mandalay community.

- IT managers needed to monitor traffic usage in each store.
- A small IT team made resolving each stores’ technical issues difficult and sometimes impossible.
- Needed to eliminate business interruption whenever fiber cables were damaged.

Sangfor Solution - Sangfor SD-WAN Solution

Sangfor Solution Value
- Centralized Management: The Central Management console in HQ monitors all device and MIG traffic usage in each store,  in addition to allowing IT to troubleshoot any errors. 
- Quick Deployment: Easy deployment in each store via email makes expansion faster and easier. 
- Business High Availability: Automatic failover to SIM card internet and VPN tunnel is activated when fiber cables are damaged, ensuring no business interruption. 

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