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City Government of Communication and Information Technology Prabumulih, Indonesia


Customer Background

Entering the global information era, the role of information technology in supporting the operational and managerial systems of Prabumulih City Government Communication and Information Technology has become a very valuable commodity and determines the success of the Digitalization in its overall sense. This technological progress has placed information as one of the most important resources and needs to be managed properly and correctly. Realizing the importance of the role of information systems in government and driven by the rapid development of information technology, therefore the Prabumulih City Government Communication and Information Technology desperately needs adequate equipment that is able to support operations & improve performance by maximizing and developing information technology maximally.

Customer Challenges

  1. Need a one-stop firewall solution with good performance that can protect the entire network environment, and can do full status inspection of Layer 2 to Layer 7
  2. Need to protect internal server and users from attack, malware, APT, and also have full visibility of trac in their environment
  3. Need the solution to be easy to manage and fast to troubleshoot

Values of Sangfor NGAF

  1. Realtime security monitoring
  2. APT protection, analyze abnormal traffic and block botnet/malware traffic
  3. RT Scanner can do environment assessment, collect vulnerabilities and generate report with solution
  4. Security Suite + WAF, protecting internal users and servers from external/internal attacks
  5. NGAF can do internet load-balancing as it has multiple ISPs

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