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Multinet Pakistan

Customer Background

Multinet Pakistan Private Limited is the premier information and communication solution provider for leading enterprises in the region. With Multinet Business Solutions we have established an end-to-end Managed IT service provider to solve all our clients Communication Infrastructure needs. We offer a diversified portfolio of managed services solutions and a large array of related services which help businesses of all sizes reduce their IT cost and further enhance their business processes through smart, agile and robust solutions.

Customer Demand

They have large amount of users who are using their ISP, many of them are hosting their VMs in Multinet Cloud service platform. For the existing cloud platform, they have multiple virtualization vendors who is only simply offering the virtualization functions without the users end management console, and all the operation will be covered by Multinet only, which making their cloud services management much complex. Also, they will need a reliable cloud solution with DR site as well.

  1. Consolidate the virtualization platform into a single clustering
  2. Offer full function for the cloud service with multi-tenant and bill, metering function
  3. User end management console dedicatedly for each separate users
  4. DR solution integrated with central management as well

Sangfor ISP Public Cloud Solution

Sangfor ISP Public cloud solution provides an overall cloud solution, integrated with cloud basic architecture, management service and user end billing & metering and self-service portal. Total 6 nodes deployment, each production and DR site deployed 4 and 2 nodes.  Two sites are connected with Fiber. VMs and Storage could be able to be backup locally or remotely. It also offer the central management console to manage both site in one GUI. If production server is down, DR server will resume the operation within an hour. Software defined architecture allows Multinet to modify and upgrade their existing facilities into more location-independent, flexible and collaborative learning environments with low TCO.

Specifications of Sangfor Cloud DC Solution

Sangfor aCloud was provided, including aSV (Server Virtualization), vNet (Network Virtualization), aCMP (Central Management Platform with Multi-tenant And Billing & Metering System) – CDP (Continuity Data Protection for Backup &DR).

Customer Benefits After deploying Sangfor Solution

  1. Native user self-service portal available, users can easily manage their own resources and to check the monthly bill.
  2. Migrate the existing Hyper-V and VMware platform into Sangfor aCloud with central management. Operation and management is easier, and more than 60% maintenance workload is released  because centralized management portal is provided.
  3. Built-in reliable center making the IT infrastructure much more reliable, also, DR and backup solution is integrated.
  4. All is provided with low TCO.

Why Choose Sangfor Solution

  1. Sangfor is offering the one-stop cloud solution from back-end DC virtualization to front-end users self service portal.
  2. Sangfor provide build in DR and continuous data protection solution.
  3. Sangfor provide vendor local support for both POC, installation and after sales service.
  4. Vendor H was considered as cloud solution provider at the very beginning. But the proposed solution which Vendor H claimed ‘all-in-one solution’ need to have too many add-on components, which will need almost double cost compare to Sangfor solution.
  5. Vendor V was trying to put the total solution in, but the solutions need to add some 3rd party components, and they are not offering local support

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