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Active Beta Programs
New features in this version includes:
1.SSL Decryption: Enhancement on existing ingress client to support SSL decryption. With this new integration features, IAM performance degradation has been reduced significantly and enable customers to enjoy more features in the existing/new IAM without having huge performance degradation.

2.Ingress Client: Apart from enhancement of support SSL decryption, Ingress client also support:
(a.) Deployment with certificate distribution into the endpoint i.e self-signed or own certificate
(b.) Support TLS 1.3
(c.) Support SSL decryption in all deployment modes
(d.) Increase visibility to detect more local installed application for audit
(e.) Support offline audit i.e endpoint is moving away from local network or WFH

3.Other relevant optimization: This includes:
(a.) Better and simplified WebUI categorization for audit policies
(b.) Support content and attachments WebUI within audit policies
(c.) Added info guided WebUI page for both deployment on IAM SSL Decryption and Ingress Client Decryption
(d).Report Center enhancement for ingress client audit. (i) Added new audit applications, (ii) File upload send status and (iii) Decryption option: “Not required” string

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