Demand Analysis
Constant Security Equipment
Lack of Sufficient and Professional Security Human Resources Investment
Unable to Resist Industrialized
Hacker Attacks
Lack of Visibility

Without a global threat perspective, the status of risks, protection, and incidents cannot be viewed in real time, affecting decision making.
Slow Response

Passive response combined with limited manpower & technology make it difficult to quickly detect and deal with security incidents, leading to data theft and business destruction.
Slow Detection

Periodic or slow detection makes it difficult to discover long-term exposure of risks and leaving plenty of opportunities for attacks.
Static Strategy

Logs and policies lack daily maintenance due to difficulties generating effective policies. Constant dynamic attacks are impossible to prevent, even with cutting-edge security equipment.
Ideal Effects of Excellent Security Protection
Fast, Secure and Visible
  1. Quick Perception of Risk Changes: quickly perceive the risks brought about by asset changes and reduced exposure period.
  2. Quick Response to Dynamic Attacks: quickly identify constantly changing attack methods, continued online confrontation, and protection of businesses in real time.
  3. Quick Security Incident Handling: Security incidents are detected earlier and handled in a timely manner to effectively curb the expansion of losses.
  4. Global Visible Security Status: view all business risks, protection status, and incident handling in real-time.
Product Introduction

Sangfor takes advantage of cloud computing technology to integrate assessment, protection, monitoring and response to create an adaptive security protection platform, driven by security experts. Focusing on the whole business life cycle, the Sangfor adaptive security protection platform analyses the hacking process, helping users to manage business security issues and deliver security services with full visibility.
Solution Based on Flexible Security

Analysis Risks Automatically & To Nip Something in the Bud
The distributed scanning system will process a comprehensive evaluation of the online business, and monitor the website traffic in real-time, evaluate the asset risks, and be prepared for new issues that may be introduced by the asset changes, and quickly adjust to adapt to risk changes.

Reproduce Attack Behavior & Set up In-Depth Defense
Set up a complete WEB system security protection mechanism based on the hacker attack process and block the attack source through global linkage based on the threat intelligence sharing mechanism, effectively avoiding being suffered the attack again. 

Real-Time Detection & Online Response
Perform 24*7 comprehensive monitoring of security incidents, discovering tampering, trojan horse, black chains, and other security incidents within minutes, and respond and dispose of these incidents online in real-time.
Technical Experts & Continuous Services

Remote Online Review
The remote laboratory reviews business risks online and determine attack trends.

Full Protection
Experts continue to track attacks and optimize protection strategies to ensure business security.

Continuous Response & Timely Disposal
Experts respond and dispose of incidents online in real-time.
Visible Service Process & Grasp Business Security

Risks Visible
Business risks are visible.

Results Visible
The protection process and protection results are visible.

Endpoint Visible
Notifications will be sent to the users.
Technical Advantages
Unique Defence Module

Adopt the hyper-converged cloud computing platform, using a network function virtualization technique to provide every customer a customized defence module, to achieve universal protection.
Adaptive Security

Integrate the security capabilities of continuous detection, rapid linkage and minute-level response to respond to risks, assets and attacks in real-time, solve the issues of periodic service.
Expert Management

Gather remote laboratories, defense experts, and disposal experts to remotely operate and maintain the entire process and use artificial intelligence technology to continuously detect and share threat intelligence to provide better security services.
Full Visibility

The full-process visible delivery method allows users to completely grasp the risk changes, protection processes and disposal results.
Security SaaS Platform by Sangfor Cloud Shield 
Security SaaS Platform: Through various POPs around the globe & consolidating Cloud-based NGAF, IAM, ITM & etc. to provide cloud security competence centers in the cloud infrastructure.