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Sangfor products have a lot of fit points for ISP: In addition of solving network security, management, optimization and other issues that ISP often encounter, Sangfor solutions can also be combined with the existing businesses of ISP to form new joint-solutions for the market. Thanks to that, Sangfor has become the partner of many ISPs.

Sangfor Solution

The powerful data analysis capability of Sangfor IAM helps ISP understand the traffic situation and guarantee its stable operation through reasonable traffic priority.

For tier 2 operators, reducing bandwidth usage will effectively reduce the rental cost of bandwidth from tier 1 operators. Sangfor WANO can help tier 2 operators improve the performance of existing line, while reduce the line load at the same time, thereby reducing its costs.

Combining Sangfor solutions on security, management and optimization with ISP businesses, can enhance the capability of ISP overall solution to expand its solution value and achieve a win-win situation.

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